Apple & Blackberry Crumble


One thing that I absolutely love making at this time of year is a warming apple and blackberry crumble. There's just something so comforting about sitting down with a piping hot crumble on a dreary Autumnal day. Crumble is just one of those desserts that's inviting and can be altered very easily depending on what ingredients you prefer. This recipe could also be made in a gratin dish, however I preferred to use six glass ramekin dishes, simply for presentation purposes. In this recipe, I pre-baked the crumble topping so that it doesn't go gluey and ruin the fruit. So, here's what you need...


Crumble Topping:
• 120g Plain Flour
• 60g Caster Sugar
• 60g Unsalted Butter
• 35g Porridge Oats
• 1/2 tsp Ground Cinnamon

Fruit Filling:
• 300g Braeburn Apples
• 30g Unsalted Butter
• 30g Demerara Sugar
• 115g Blackberries
• 1/2 tsp Ground Cinnamon

Decoration (Optional):
• Blackberries, ice-cream or whipped double cream


Crumble Topping:
• Heat your oven to 190C/170C fan/gas 5. 
• Sift the flour, then the sugar into a large bowl. 
• Add the porridge oats and 1/2 tsp of ground cinnamon. 
• Add the butter to the dry ingredients, then rub together using your fingertips to form a light breadcrumb like texture. 
• Sprinkle the mixture evenly over a piece of greaseproof paper on a baking tray for around 10 minutes or until it is a light gold colour. Don't worry if you're mixture has formed together and is biscuit like, you can break it up with your hands.

Fruit Filling:
• Whilst the crumble topping is in the oven, peel, core and cut the apples, roughly into a 2cm dice. To stop the apples from browning while you make the caramel, place three drops of lemon juice into a bowl with the apples. The acidity in the lemon juice will prevent the apples from browning, but won't alter the flavour.
• Melt the butter and sugar on a medium heat in a medium sized saucepan, stirring occasionally. Cook for roughly 3 minutes or until the mixture turns to a light caramel. 
• Add the apples, (being careful not to splash yourself with boiling caramel, like I did) and cook for a further 3 minutes. 
• Then, add the blackberries and 1/2  tsp of ground cinnamon and cook for another 3 minutes. 
• Cover the saucepan with the lid, remove from the heat and leave in a suitable place for 2-3 minutes to continue cooking using the warmth of the pan.
• Spoon the fruit filling into your ramekin dishes or gratin dish (or whatever else you prefer to serve your crumble in, as long as it's ovenproof). 
• Sprinkle the crumble topping over the fruit filling, then place in the oven for 5-10 minutes. 

Decoration (Optional):
• To decorate, place a blackberry (or handful of blackberries), vanilla ice cream or whipped double cream on top of the crumble, whatever you fancy really.

I usually make a few crumbles around this time every year, but apple and blackberry is definitely one of my favourites and it always goes down well with the family. The next baking related post will be Halloween themed, so keep your eyes peeled for that if you want to see my version of a few spooky themed treats.

Would you make this Apple & Blackberry Crumble? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I haven't made anything like this before, but it looks delicious! Thanks for sharing xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. waoo its awesome realy amazing look & looks so yammi delicious... :) best wordpress premium themes

  3. Hum it looks delicious !

  4. I'm not the world's biggest crumble fan, but I love the idea of presenting it in individual dishes like this - so cute! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  5. These look amazing! I love the idea of putting blackberries on the top, I will definitely aim to make a crumble this autumn :D so excited to see what you baked for Halloween, I need ideas (and tutorials) haha! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year to bake!

  6. I'm obsessed with crumbles at the moment, they're such comfort food and perfect for this time of year! Will definitely be giving this a go at the weekend!
    Tara x

  7. This looks like such a sweet recipe Sara, I love fruit crumble on an autumnal day too, especially if it’s homemade! :-) Xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  8. These look so tasty and warming for the winter! :)

  9. These look so delicious, I'm definitely going to have to test this recipe out! I bet they make the most amazing Autumnal snack!! xo
    - The Clueless Blogger