ASOS & Jack Wills Haul


Jack Wills Saltwell Hoodie - Navy

I don't often wear hoodies, but whenever I do, it's likely that it will be a Jack Wills hoodie. They are such good quality and perfect all year round. I usually get one around this time of the year, just for something to throw on whenever it gets a bit cold, but I don't want to be carrying around a heavy coat all day.

Jack Wills Pouch In Spot Print

I couldn't resist this cute little polka dot pouch, especially since it was on sale. I don't like carrying around my entire make-up bag in my handbag (due to one of mine being stolen whenever I was in school), so this just holds the bits and pieces that I would actually use throughout the day, such a lip balm, lipstick, powder, powder brush, hand sanitiser, hair grips, etc.

ASOS Petite Black Skinny Jeans With Knee Rip

I'd been looking everywhere for a pair of black ripped skinny jeans, so whenever I saw these ASOS petite ones on sale, I snapped them up straight away. They fit perfectly, although I don't like the way it only has one rip at the knee, so I might do some DIY on the other one.

ASOS Cropped T-Shirt In Stripe And Pansy Print

This little t-shirt was sitting in my saved items for ages, then whenever I went on to buy the rest of my items from ASOS, I saw that this was on sale as well and I was so pleased. I also thought that the pansies, which is actually one of my favourite flowers, would be a nice twist on my stripes obsession.

New Look Lively Slippers Shoes

If there's one thing that ASOS do right, it's petite sizes and size 2 shoes. These are actually from New Look, but stocked on ASOS and even better, they were in the sale as well! I love this type of shoe, I have them in so many different styles and I wear them all year round with jeans, tights, dress, playsuits, etc. whenever I want to venture out of a pair of my ankle boots.

What do you think of my ASOS and Jack Wills haul? Would you buy anything from it? Let me know in the comments!


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