Models Own Haul & Swatches


It's not like I need any more nail polish, but whenever I see the '6 For £20' being offered on Models Own, I just can't resist it. But before I talk about what I got from my haul, let me just tell you about the customer service from Models Own, it is incredible. 
I didn't actually order this batch of nail polish from the current '6 For £20' offer that Models Own is holding, I placed my order way back in June when the same offer was in place. After about two weeks of my order not being delivered, I contacted Models Own and told them that I did not receive it. I checked with my neighbours and my local post office before I contacted Models Own, neither of them had it. Models Own sent me out a replacement parcel and again the parcel did not appear. 
Last week, I contacted them again and they sent me out another replacement parcel, but through a tracked courier instead of Royal Mail. Therefore, the problem was not with Models Own, but yet they still went out of their way to help me and contacted me back very quickly and helpfully, so I can't praise that enough. However, I don't know if I'll ever find out what happened to my parcels, thanks, no thanks Royal Mail.

Anyway, since my nail polish order was placed way back in June, my purchases were shades more suitable for Summer, however if I don't use them now, at least I'll be able to use them next year. So, here's what I got!

HyperGel - Red Lustre

A classic pillar-box red, perfect for all year round!

HyperGel - Blue Glint

A gorgeous blue, I don't have one like this in my collection!

Fruit Pastel - Coconut Cream

We all know my love of coconut is real, plus the milky off-white is gorgeous!

Fruit Pastel - Peach Melba

More suitable for Summer, but this soft peach looks and smells lovely!

Polish For Tans - Beach Bag

A Lily Pebbles and Vivianna Does Makeup Summer favourite, I just had to pick this up!


Multicoloured matte hexagon partials, this will look lovely over more neutral shades!

So, that's everything from my Models Own Haul! I couldn't be happier with my nail polishes, some of which you'll probably see in my NOTW posts soon, if not then probably next Summer! The current '6 For £20' ends tonight, so be quick if you want to pick any up!

What do you think of my Models Own Haul? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. I have quite a lot of Models Own polishes, but not any of those shades. Might have to try them out! xx

    1. I hope you do, they are so much nicer in real life! :)

  2. They are all such nice shades! You must have such fun picking and choosing from them!


  3. Oh wow I love all of them! You can't beat Models Own polishes xx

    Gemma |

    1. They are so much nicer in real life as well! Such good quality at only £5! :)

  4. i nominated you for the liebster award, you can find my post here I look forward to reading it if you haven't already done one! xo

  5. Microdots is so cute and colourful! I wish they were available in my country >.<

    ieyra | babysoulz

  6. Very interesting! Have a great weekends:)
    New-York Fashion Week -

  7. LOVE your blog! Great pictures! :)

    I’m following you on Blog Lovin, follow me back :)

    Fleur x

  8. Lovely choice of shades!! xx

  9. oh my word, microdots is class! I might have to buy it!! :D and the scented ones too, scented nail polish is amazing!!

    1. It's so pretty in real life as well! :) The coconut one is my favourite! :)