Mini Topshop Haul


I was going to title this post as 'Topshop Haul', but I feel as if I didn't get that much to call it a haul, so we'll just stick with 'Mini Topshop Haul' for now! Why you so expensive Topshop? *sad face*

First up, this little navy and white stripe cropped t-shirt with the prettiest little white daisy organza trim around the sleeves and hem. This seems to be everywhere at the minute, but I still have my eye on the white, pink and mint version. I ordered this from the Petite range, but it's also available from the normal range and the Tall range.

Next, I ordered this Topshop lip bullet in 'Covet'. I've had my eye on these Topshop lip bullets for a while now, they have 8 shades available and I just wanted to pick one in the mean time to see how I got on with it, and I really like it! In the near future I will be doing a review of this and I can definitely see myself purchasing more.

So, that was my little mini Topshop haul. We don't have to biggest Topshop where I live, so they don't do any of the make-up and have a limited range in the Petite section, so most of the time I have to order online. But, next time I make a Topshop order I'll definitely be tempted to buy another style in the daisy organza t-shirt and another lip bullet.

Would you buy anything from my mini Topshop haul? Or would you recommend other make-up from Topshop? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Absolutely adore the stripe tee! Such a lovely summery twist on such a classic look!


  2. Nice purchases. I'd seen that t-shirt but without the stripes and I really like how it looks with them!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

    1. Thank you! I think they all look great! :)

  3. I love the shirt! It looks so cute and pretty :) I wish we had a topshop near where I live x
    Ana xo

  4. That cropped t-shirt is gorgeous!