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Last month I got this little Benefit skincare set from Feel Unique, so by now I've used up the majority of the products or I'm coming to the end of some of them. When trying out new skincare, I try my best to stick with the product for at least 2 weeks (Unless it's absolutely horrible to use!) to see proper results and the little gems in this kit did not disappoint! 

First up, the 'Refined Facial Polish'. I actually quite liked this product, I didn't think I would as it is an exfoliator and the majority of exfoliators are too harsh for my sensitive skin, but I decided to give it a go anyway. I found it to be gentle, it didn't strip my skin at all and I really enjoyed the little scrubby beads throughout the cream. I used this once a week after cleansing with the 'Foamingly Clean Facial Wash' and I did notice that my skin more soft. Who knows, maybe I'm converted to exfoliating more often now.

Next, the 'Triple Performing Facial Emulsion SPF 15 PA++, what a mouthful! I actually used this product before in other mini sample when I was younger and I really liked it then and I really like it now. It has a consistency like a moisturiser, but it is actually much lighter than a moisturiser. It sank into my skin quickly and didn't leave my face shiny afterwards. It would be ideal as a light moisturiser in the morning if you were in a rush and didn't want anything too heavy on your face before applying make-up.

Next, the 'Total Moisture Facial Cream'. Since using this product, I never released how dehydrated my skin was! Some days I would skip using this in the morning and just use the facial emulsion, then use them both at night. Then, in the morning, my skin would be so soft and look as if I actually got a good night of sleep! The texture is lovely, I think it's the thickest moisturiser I've ever come across and it's so cooling and soothing on the skin. A little goes a long way!

Next, the 'It's Potent! Eye Cream'. Again, I actually used this product before in other mini sample when I was much younger and I thought it was pretty good. However, I've been having a lot of sleepless nights recently and my eyes get really sore and irritated when I don't get a lot of sleep, but since starting to use this again I've noticed that it soothes my eyes and reduces dark circles, which is really helping me out at the minute! I never used to use eye creams before this (naughty, I know) because I didn't think they were essential, but since re-using this it has really converted me! I'll definitely be buying the full-sized version when I've finished the rest of this up!

Next, the 'Moisture Prep Toning Lotion'. This toner is just amazing to use, I've gone through a lot of toners that have irritated my skin and left it feeling tight, but not this one! A lot like the other products, the minute I put it on my skin just cools down instantly and my skin is more hydrated. I think that has a lot to do with the texture as well, it's a lot thicker compared to a lot of toners I've tried in the past, it's almost gel-like. It's definitely one of my favourites from this set. 

Lastly, the 'Foamingly Clean Facial Wash'. I love cleansers, I'm forever trying out different cleaners so I thought it would be hard to stick to this one for at least 2 weeks, but somehow I managed to use the whole thing up! If you're a fan of creamy cleaners, then I'd definitely recommend giving this one a go. It's so gentle, it didn't break me out, it lathers like a dream and removes every scrap of make-up from my face in one cleanse. 

At £14.50 for 6 pieces of skincare you can't really go wrong with this kit, it would be ideal if you wanted to test out Benefit's skincare for yourself or as a gift for a friend. It would also be ideal if you were going away on holiday and didn't want to take big bottles with you, the packaging is super cute as well!
I think my favourites from the kit has to be the eye cream, toner and cleaner, I can definitely see myself purchasing these in the full-size in the future, especially the eye cream!

Have you tried anything from Benefit's skincare range? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I also tried the mini eye cream and i liked it! Found it very cooling and soothing!
    xprincessjas | xxx

  2. I love the facial emulsion, its much nicer than a moisturizer for summer! would love if you could check out my blog :)


    1. It's so lovely and light! Yeah girl, I followed you! :)