June Favourites


I've been looking forward to writing this post for two reasons...

1. It's my first ever monthly favourites post!
2. I've included some products that I can see myself repurchasing and loving for a very long time.

For some reason I've hardly worn any make-up throughout June. I don't know exactly know why this is, however it could be down to the fact that I've had next to no plans and haven't been anywhere very exciting that would require a lot of make-up. But anyway, wearing no or very little make-up this month has encouraged me to try out a lot of skincare items that I haven't tried yet.

REN Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser

This seems to have been my go-to cleanser this month and probably my favourite skincare item of the month as well. I got this simply because I wanted a cleanser that cleansed my skin and made it soft without stripping or drying out my skin. The weather being pretty weird in Northern Ireland at the minute, it's hot but cloudy so it feels as if there's no air and it feels as if my skin can't breathe either. Using this makes my skin feel so purified and removes that horrible congested feeling from my skin. I can see myself repurchasing this over and over again. My Mum even asked me to order her one for herself because she's such a fan of it as well!

Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion (Fair To Medium Skin)

Tanning isn't easy for us pale girls. There's no chance of catching a tan in Northern Ireland and I only use fake tan if I have an event or a night out to go to. So, Dove Summer Glow seems to be a perfect match for me. I'm also lazy at applying moisturiser, there's nothing nice about waiting around for your moisturiser to dry so that you can get dressed. However, I apply this straight after I come out of the shower and it sinks in straight away. Also, I have no problems about it being too dark either, it applies gradually and evenly so there's no need to worry about patchy parts either. I got the Fair To Medium Skin bottle, but there's also a Medium To Dark Skin bottle available as well. There's also no 'fake tan' smell either unlike with other so-called 'gradual tan' moisturisers as well, which is beyond ideal!

Soap & Glory Smooch Operator Lip Butter Balm

You've probably seen this mentioned before on my blog on my Boots Haul. I've been looking for this for ages, they never had it in my local Boots and it was always out of stock online, so I was beginning to lose hope. Then, one fine day when I was browsing through the aisles of another Boots, I saw one sitting there all by itself in all it's glory and I practically ran and leaped to get it. To be honest, I was only after this because it said it tasted like coconut ice (my absolute favourite) and it did not disappoint! It tastes like sweet, glorious coconut ice and after it a while it tingles on the lips and tastes like mint. It's also surprisingly nourishing and moisturising, just great if you need all day protection for your lips without having to apply lip balm constantly. 

Benefit b.right It's Potent! Eye Cream

Again, you've probably seen this mentioned before on blog on my Feel Unique Haul and I also did a review of the entire Benefit b.right Radiant Skincare 6 Piece Intro Kit. Eye cream is one of those products that I know I should have been using but didn't bother. However, since I got this kit I've made a real effort to use this and now it's a staple product in my night-time skincare routine. I haven't been sleeping right at the minute and this helps me to actually look as if I've had some sleep. It really soothes my eyes and reduces the appearance of dark circles. This is only the sample size I've been using, but I've been using it for about a month and a half/2 months now and there's still lots of product left. I'll definitely be picking up the full size when I'm finished.

Models Own 5 In 1 Top & Base Coat

I feel as if I haven't stopped talking about this product. Again, I searched high and low for this in Boots and Superdrug and it was always out of stock. Then, on a recent Boohoo snoop I saw that they had them and was so pleased when I got it. I just wanted a cheaper base and top coat nail polish that actually protected my nails against nail polish staining and prevented my nail polish chipping. So far, I've used this with every manicure I've done so far and I really can't fault it so far. I change my nail polish every week, but with this product I don't think that would be necessary if you're someone who likes to have their nail polish on as long as possible. At only £5, I can't see myself purchasing any other base and top coats for a long time.

Now onto discussing these completely random non-beauty favourites...

I wasn't too impressed when I went into my local Primark on my last visit, however they did have these little Dumbo Slipper Socks which were too cute to resist! Being a huge Disney fan, how could I not have bought them?

I've read The Fault In Our Stars before, but I thought I'd read it again saying as the movie is now out in cinemas. This is a truly great book, I really recommend reading it if you want something easy to read, yet pulls on your heartstring. However, I feel as if I'm the only person who didn't cry when reading the book. Either I'm missing something or I'm a robot. Oh well.

The only good thing about the football being on all the time is Pringles. When there is football on, there seems to be an endless supply of Pringles in my house, which makes the horrendous football chanting that I hear coming from the living room sort-of almost bearable.

An extra special mention has to go to Ed Sheeran's latest album, X. This beats every single thing on my June favourites by a mile. Easily I'd say Ed Sheeran is definitely in my top 3 of favourite artists, and when I think about it, he's probably first. Of course, I was expecting X to be a little different when I heard 'Sing', although I was not disappointed. There is not a 'bad' song on the album and I enjoy listening to every single one. However, my favourites would have to be 'One', 'Photograph', 'Tenerife Sea', 'Thinking Out Loud' and 'All Of The Stars', but it seems like I have a new favourite song from the album every day!

What do you think of my June favourites? Do you have any favourites? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. I love the Dove Summer Glow, was in my favourites last month! xx

  2. I adore those slippers, they're the absolute cutest x


  3. hellooo,
    I'm really going to have to give that book a read, hearing about it everywhere I look, all such positive reviews too, starting to feel as though I'm missing out :( :P
    anyway great blog, keep it up:)!



    1. I thought it was good, but there's definitely so much hype about it! Thank you so much! :)