Ahhhhh ASOS, my love and weakness. I think ASOS has to be my favourite online shop. Simply because of the amazing range of beauty products, a petite range and size 2 shoes, it's everything I'm looking for. So, recently when they had a 25% off discount code available for students, I couldn't say no! So, here's what I bought...

ASOS PETITE Pink Stripe Jumper With Heart Elbow Patches

I've had my eye on this little jumper for a while now, it's lightweight, it has stripes, it has hearts on the elbows, it's pink. What's not to love? You might think it's a little bit strange that I'm buying jumpers when Summer is here, but as I am writing this it is pouring rain and there's thunder on the way. However, even when the weather does improve (hopefully), I'll be able to wear this as it's so light. It is also available in the normal range and the tall range and come in a few different colours as well (including a mint one that I have my eye on).

Models Own Fireworks Nail Polish Trio

You've probably seen these before on my blog, I included them on my Nail Polish Haul post and I've used them a few times for NOTW. Models Own nail polishes usually retail for £5 each, however, as this was an ASOS exclusive set all three came to £12, they then reduced the price to £7, bargain!


Now, it's not like I need another eyeshadow palette, but ever since I became interested in high-end make-up this has been on my wishlist, but I couldn't find it anywhere or else it was always out of stock. Then, the wonderful people at ASOS decided to bring theBalm to their make-up range, hurray! I will definitely be doing a review of this in the future, I'm completely and utterly in love with this palette and now I'm kind-of obsessed with the brand and want to try more! Always the way, eh?

What did you think of my ASOS haul? Would you buy anything from it? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Hey :) nice blog! would love it if you check out my first blog post, I've just started it today, so I'm quite new at this stuff! Could you give me feedback:)?!xxx

    1. Thank you! :) I haven't even been blogging a month, so I'm really new to this as well, haha! :) However, I'd be happy to follow you as that is a lovely first post and I'm looking forward to reading more from you. :)

  2. I'm dying to get my hands on this palette! So jealous! haha :)